Veterinarian and lover of great thoughts. Writing, for me, is both self-expression and release.

Like an idle rock laid bare on the beach,

The tidal waves of life leave me naked and scorched by the sun’s heat.

Why do my brothers leave me in this sorrow?

Do they not miss me in the ground below?

If life is all about sharing, in good times…

Understanding death and life as two sides of the same coin.

At a certain age in early life, we come to the basic understanding that everything alive must die. We come to realize that death is a part of our known reality and we slowly come to acknowledge its true meaning. We become more conscious of the fact that we need…

Ijeoma my dearest daughter,
I know I’m the last person you’d want to hear from
I hope you’re happy wherever you are
I pray there’s no pain where you read this from.

With so much guilt in my heart, I write you this
I hope it lessens this pain in my heart;
I hope it somehow helps you forgive me
And it dries the tears in my eyes.

Deep down I feel I didn’t do enough
Because why am I still here and you’re not?
I gave you my word,
I promised you that everything would be alright.

I am the father who failed his child,
I meant every word of the promise I made
And in all my promises, I failed you still
Now all I can do is write you in the grave.

Ikenna Nwakanma

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