Big and Beautiful

Photo by Ahmed Ashhaadh on Unsplash

There is no other way but to put this forthright
My desire for your body is real and true
One look at you and now I’m upright
My mind runs wild with the thought of you.

I know your mother warned you about my intentions for you
But that’s just a mother’s way of saying ‘I love you’
I crave you the same way we all crave jollof rice
Your breasts are so big and beautiful, I made you unveil them twice!

How do you even carry this huge butt around?
So soft and jiggly, so round and brown
Your body is truly a form of art
And your soft, warm thighs, I want to part.

All I want now is to be inside of you
I’ll smother those lips, and then your nipples too
Even Mami Wata is in envy of how well you arch
I’ll buy you the whole world, you don’t even need to ask.

You have my full attention, there’s nothing else on my mind
What more could I want, I have a goddess by my side
No need to be worried, I won’t betray your trust
I’ll rest a little now and then give you more thrusts.

Leave me to my slumber if this is a dream
Like a drone doing the bidding of his queen-
I just can’t resist you
There’s no doubt in the world that I love you.



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